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At Splash Farm Hatchery we breed and grow aquacultured ornamental fish. We specialize in producing strong, healthy and colorful Clownfish for the marine aquarium hobby and Guppies for the freshwater aquarium hobby, using advanced filtration systems, enriched and diverse nutrition and our location advantage.


Established in 2007, Splash Farm hatchery is located in the sunny Arava valley, benefitting from warm temperatures and sunlight all year round. These conditions promote an abundance of fauna in the greenhouse's growout systems.


Due to our total isolation from the sea we maintain a high bio-secure environment. All of our broodstock was born on the farm; the juveniles are bred and grown in climate controlled tanks with constant supervision of water quality parameters. Therefore our fish are hardy and vividly colored just as in their natural habitat on the reef.   


We believe that growing aquacultured vital fish and making them available to marine aquarists around the world helps in the conservation of coral reefs and their inhabitants and prevent the depletion of the oceans.

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